1 - Temperature measurement on rotary kilns and clinker coolers for process control and optimisation (pdf-file 291KB) (Ari Hauser, Gesotec GmbH and Thomas Walther, Siemens AG)
Product quality and variety, environmental protection awareness, as well as increasing
production costs all require a sensitive plant operation with maximum utilization of
control ranges. In modern control rooms production facilities of a cement plant are
centrally supervised and controlled. Customized control and optimization systems for
the improvement of product quality, environmental protection and usage
of resources are increasingly important


2 - State of the art temperature-and pollution monitoring (pdf-file 1126KB)
(A. Häuser - Gesotec GmbH, L. Luckei - Siemens AG, S.Siegel - Siemens AG)
Efficient operation of a Kiln/Cooler-unit, as far as environmental protection, energy consumption and
preventative maintenance are concerned, depends to a significant extent on continuous analysis
of the flue gases and online temperature measurement.