Portfolio Gallery

TMCx IR line scanners

The highest detail and the most accurate temperature measurement even on the longest rotary kilns from the world-leading manufacturer.

High-temperature cameras

Designed for continous use in harsh industrial enviroments and equipped with failsafe features for unrivalled reliability and long-life cycles.

Motion sensors

Optical, mechanical and inductive sensors for event monitoring, time measurements, kiln tyre migration...

Rugged temperature probes

Monitor gas temperatures in high temperature environments.

Industrial Pyrometers

For shadow compensation or standalone applications.

GuardViper plant surveillance

Ethernet-based surveillance camera systems with data acquisition and processing for full plant monitoring.

A clever combination of our various products and services results in a SCADA system at factory level for all relevant visual and thermal applications/tasks.

Check our Ethernet-based integrated concept in our PCMx-FaSu.NETx system drawing.


More Products and Services  

Millennium-GASx Gas Analyzers

Evaluation of CO, NO, O2 and further gases for the cement industry


Tailored industrial designs

 Specific engineering of custom-fitted solutions adapted to on-site conditions. 

Example: MWIR camera system for visual and thermal monitoring of black liquor recovery boiler including a slidable floor-mounting bracket for the automatic retraction system and integrated port de-slagger.